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Treatment process of loader counterweight castings


Some loader counterweight castings have to undergo post-casting treatments, such as heat treatment, rough machining, etc., due to other requirements. Counterweight iron is a relatively economical blank forming method, and it can show its economy for parts with complex shapes. Such as the cylinder block and cylinder head of automobile engine, ship propeller and other works of art. Some difficult-to-cut parts, such as nickel-based alloy parts of gas turbines, cannot be formed without counterweight iron. In addition, the size and weight of the counterweight iron components are suitable for a wide range, and the metal types are not limited; while the components have general mechanical properties, they also have comprehensive properties such as corrosion resistance and shock absorption. They are other metal forming methods such as forging and rolling. , Welding, punching and so on.

After the loader counterweight casting is taken out from the self-pouring and cooling mold, there are gates, risers and metal burr drape seams. The sand casting counterweight iron still adheres to sand, so it has to go through a cleaning process. The equipment for this kind of work is shot blasting machine, gate riser cutting machine and so on. Sand casting cleaning is a process with poor working conditions, so when choosing a molding method, the conditions for cleaning up the sand should be taken into account as much as possible.




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