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Zunhua Wanxin Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zunhua City, Hebei Province. Zunhua city is known as "the first city in the east of Ji". There are two world cultural heritages, namely, qingdongling, ancient Great Wall, qingdongling, 4A grade, Jiufeng, Shangguan lake and Wolong mountain, etc.

Zunhua City, located in the south foot of Yanshan Mountain in the northeast of Hebei Province, is adjacent to the Great Wall in the north, Beijing in the west, Tianjin and Tang in the south, and Liaoshen in the East. It is 158 km from Beijing in the west, 175 km from Tianjin (Binhai New Area) in the southwest, 75 km from Tangshan (155 km from Caofeidian District) in the south, 175 km from Chengde in the north, and 150 km from Qinhuangdao in the southeast, with convenient transportation.

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