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Loader counterweight casting production process


The loader counterweight casting production is a complex multi-process combination process, which includes the following main processes:

  1) Production process preparation, according to the parts drawings to be produced, production batches and delivery deadlines, formulate production process plans and process documents, and draw casting process drawings;

  2) Production preparation, including preparation of materials for melting, materials and patterns for molding cores, core boxes, sand boxes and other process equipment;

  3) Modeling and core making;

  4) Melting and pouring;

  5) The main processes such as falling sand cleaning and casting inspection.

Loader counterweight casting production is to heat and melt the metal to make it fluid, and then pour it into a shaped mold cavity, and fill the cavity under the action of gravity or external force (pressure, centrifugal force, electromagnetic force, etc.) , Cooling and solidification into a casting (or part) of a metal forming method.




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