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1.V method casting

Our company is mainly based on V method casting. The casting range is 0.05 tons to 10 tons of castings. The overall dimensions are 3 meters × 1.1 meters × 1.5 meters. The annual sales are 18,000 tons and the capacity can reach 30,000 tons.

The main equipment is:

①. Intermediate frequency electric furnace ②. Water ring vacuum pump ③. Standardized sand processing system


2. Clean up

The cleaning workshop mainly deals with processes such as holes, sticky sand, oxide skin, flash burrs, etc., and the main equipment includes:

①. Vertical shot blasting machine ②. Hand-push grinder, various types of angle grinders, etc.



The machining workshop mainly processes surfaces, grooves, holes, threads, and other processes. The main equipment includes:

①. CNC face milling machine ②. Radial drill machine ③. Gantry CNC milling machine



After the second shot blasting, the workpiece is transferred to the finishing workshop for the process of scraping putty → grinding → spraying primer. The main tools are louver blades, polishers, grinding discs, and wind turbines.


5.Top coat

After the workpiece is transferred to the top paint workshop, it is polished according to the regulations and sprayed in the transfer spray booth to reach the qualified finished product. The main tools are polisher, pneumatic, spray gun, etc.



In order to avoid bumps and scratches on the workpiece, and the appearance is intact, it must be packaged. The packaging is designed according to the product structure and customer requirements. There are two main packaging materials: wood and profile steel, and auxiliary materials: packaging cotton, tape, rubber, etc.


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