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The importance of forklift counterweight


The so-called counterweight of a counterbalanced forklift is the fulcrum of the front wheel contact point. In order to ensure that the fork can lift the corresponding load, it can also maintain sufficient adhesion between the rear wheel of the forklift and the ground to ensure that the forklift can turn normally. The balance weight at the rear of the forklift is called the counterweight of the forklift.

Moreover, there is a close relationship between the forklift counterweight and the bridge load rate of the counterbalanced forklift. The bridge load rate is the ratio of the forklift's bridge load (front axle load, rear axle load) to its own total weight, and it is also the balance weight. One of the important parameters of forklift trucks has a significant impact on the stability, traction and dynamics of the forklift's counterweight. The size of the forklift's counterweight directly affects the load distribution rate, and also determines the weight of the entire truck. The ideal bridge load rate can not only change the overall mechanical performance of the vehicle, but also make the equipment obtain an ideal small value, thereby reducing the weight of the vehicle, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the manufacturing cost of the vehicle and increasing market competitiveness. 




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