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Analysis on the development strategy of mechanical counterweight technology


In the manufacturing process of mechanical counterweights, it is easy to encounter various problems such as blisters, clay, and pores. Counterweight customization has solved these problems.

   Prevention of trachoma:

  (1) Strictly control the sand mold performance, improve the surface strength and density of the sand core, reduce burrs and sharp angles, and reduce sand erosion.

   (2) Before closing the box, clean the floating sand on the surface of the cavity and core, and the box should be flat. If the riser is opened or passed through the air hole, loose sand should be avoided from falling into the cavity, and the cavity should be poured as soon as possible after closing the box.

  (3) Establish a correct and reasonable gating system to avoid excessive scouring force of the molten metal on the mold wall and sand core.

  (4) The surface of the sprue cup should be smooth and free of sand.




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