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Use of mechanical counterweight with stress


Mechanical counterweights are mainly used to check the parallelism and perpendicularity of parts and support the workpiece during scribing. They are generally cubes or cuboids with the same side length. Various specifications and contour boxes and rectangular tubes can be made according to user requirements. .

Uses: The square box is mainly used for the inspection and marking of the parallelism and perpendicularity of the parts. The square box is a cavity cube with 6 specific working surfaces made of cast iron, and one of the working surfaces has a V-shaped groove. Environmental conditions for square box verification: normal temperature, normal humidity.

Accuracy: In addition to checking the flatness of the square box developed by scraping, the coloring method is also used to check the contact spots. The number of spots in any square with a side length of 25mm is: 1 level, 2 level no less than 25 points; 3 level no less At 20 o'clock.

Requirements: There should be no rust, scratches, cracks, dents, and other defects affecting the measurement performance on each working surface of the square box. The non-working surface should be sanded and painted, and the edges should be chamfered. The inner wall of the square box should have signs and marks There are specifications and dimensions, level factory number, and manufacturer name.

This verification should also be carried out on several sections in the longitudinal, transverse and diagonal directions of the square box working surface. The larger value is taken when the error direction of the measured straight line at each position is consistent, and when the error direction is inconsistent. The sum of the large positive difference and the large negative difference is the flatness mechanical counterweight of the plane of the inspected surface: manufactured according to the JB/T3411.56-99 standard, and the material is HT200.




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