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Analysis of the development and trend of my countrys mechanical counterweight industry


  Application field

  Mechanical counterweights are widely used in power station, petrochemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other equipment and equipment manufacturing industries. Such as the stainless steel main pump pump body in nuclear power, steam turbine cylinder block, impeller, blade, upper crown and lower ring of hydropower unit, cylinder block in thermal power unit, rolling mill frame, car L roller, large bearing in large metallurgical equipment Seat etc. The manufacture of these mechanical counterweights is directly related to the quality, safety and progress of national key engineering projects, and is of great significance to the national economy and people's livelihood.

   At present, the production of mechanical counterweights in our country has made great progress, but there are still obvious deficiencies in product quality. It has been able to produce some mechanical counterweights, but it is often plagued by quality problems. They still do not have the technical ability to produce high-end products, and some developed countries keep strictly confidential to China on the manufacturing technology of mechanical counterweights, and even strictly restrict product exports. As a result, mechanical counterweights have largely become a bottleneck restricting the development of the national economy.


  1, advantages

  1) The metallurgical manufacturing of steel castings has strong adaptability and variability. Different chemical compositions and structure control can be selected to adapt to the requirements of various projects; mechanical properties and use can be selected in a larger range through different heat treatment processes Performance, and has good welding performance and processing performance.

  2) The isotropy of the cast steel material and the strong overall structure of the cast steel, thus improving the engineering reliability. Coupled with the advantages of reduced weight design and short delivery time, it has a competitive advantage in terms of price and economy.

  3) The weight of steel castings can vary within a wide range. The small weight can be investment precision castings of only tens of grams, while the weight of the mechanical counterweight can reach several tons, tens of tons or even hundreds of tons.




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