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Large supply of loader counterweights


ome castings are required to undergo post-casting treatments, such as heat treatment, shaping, anti-rust treatment, rough machining, etc. The loader counterweight is a relatively economical blank forming method, and it can show its economic efficiency for parts with complex shapes. .Such as the cylinder block and cylinder head of automobile engine, ship propeller and exquisite artwork, etc.

Some parts that are difficult to cut, such as the nickel-based alloy parts of gas turbines, cannot be formed without the counterweight iron method. In addition, the size and weight of the counterweight iron parts have a wide range of adaptations, and the types of metals are almost unlimited; the parts have general machinery At the same time of performance, it also has comprehensive properties such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and shock absorption, which cannot be achieved by other metal forming methods such as forging, rolling, welding, and punching.

Therefore, the rough parts produced by the counterweight iron method in the machine manufacturing industry are still the largest in number and tonnage. The materials often used in the production of counterweight iron are various metals, coke, wood, plastics, gases and liquids. Fuels, molding materials, etc. The required equipment includes various furnaces for smelting metals, various sand mixers for sand mixing, various molding machines and core making machines for molding cores, and castings for cleaning castings. Sand machine, shot blasting machine, etc.




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