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Different characteristics of counterweight custom iron production


In the machine manufacturing industry, the number and tonnage of the blank parts produced by the counterweight custom iron method are still large. The materials often used in the production of counterweight iron include metals, coke, wood, plastics, gas and liquid fuels, and modeling materials. The required equipment includes a furnace for smelting metals, a sand mixer for sand mixing, a molding machine and a core making machine for molding and core making, and a sand shaker and shot blasting machine for cleaning castings. There are also machinery and equipment for special counterweight iron, as well as many transportation and material handling equipment.

The production of customized counterweight iron has different characteristics from other processes, mainly due to wide adaptability, many materials and equipment required, and environmental pollution. The production of counterweight iron will produce dust, harmful gases and noise that will pollute the environment, which is more serious than other machinery manufacturing processes, and measures need to be taken to control it. The accuracy of the casting and the economic performance of the production process mainly depend on this process. In many modern counterweight iron workshops, mechanization or automation has been achieved in the modeling and core making. Commonly used sand moulding core making equipment include high, medium and low pressure moulding machines, sand blasting machines, boxless injection moulding machines, core shooting machines, cold and hot core box machines, etc.




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