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Counterweights are widely used in our daily lives


There are various styles of counterweights, such as rectangular parallelepiped and cylindrical shapes, as well as the styles that are designed and loaded according to different applications. The weight is also different depending on the application, and there are great differences from the gram to the tonnage. But there are also some common product styles and weights, so we have prepared stocks of common specifications and sizes. The counterweights are mainly divided into cast iron and cement according to their materials.

Cast iron parts are the main products of our company. Casting counterweight blocks can be customized according to customer requirements and easy to install. Due to the large specific gravity of cast iron material, a large ballast balance effect can be achieved in a limited space, which is beautiful and practical. From the perspective of environmental protection, after several years of use, it can be recycled, which is more economical. Ballast iron is indispensable in the balance of ships and submarines due to its small size and high specific gravity. This product has a large number of stocks all year round




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