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Will the forklift counterweight wear out


From the production and delivery of the forklift until the forklift is scrapped, the function and use value of the forklift counterweight component have not undergone any changes, and the purchase price may increase with changes in the steel market price. However, with the continuous update and iteration of new products and people’s aesthetic changes in the appearance of the product, the old forklift counterweight cannot be reused unless it is remanufactured by the manufacturer. The forklift counterweight is compared with all other forklift accessories. It can be said that there are almost no wear parts. We only compare the relatively high-value parts of the forklift. The engine, battery, motor, electronic control, front and rear axles, etc., will undergo the process of wear, repair and scrapping, but this problem does not exist with the counterweight.

Otherwise, it can only be sold as scrap. The current purchase price of scrap is about 1,000 yuan/ton, which is a pity. Moreover, for those manufacturers that purchase scrap iron and return to the furnace for smelting, it is very troublesome to dispose of scrapped forklift counterweights.

There is a close relationship between the counterweight of the forklift and the bridge load rate of the counterweight forklift. The bridge load rate is the ratio of the forklift's bridge load (front axle load, rear axle load) to its own total weight, and it is also a counterweight type. One of the important parameters of a forklift has an extremely significant impact on the stability, traction and dynamics of the counterbalanced forklift. The size of the forklift's counterweight directly affects the load distribution rate, and also determines the weight of the entire truck. The ideal bridge load ratio can not only improve the overall mechanical performance of the vehicle, but also make the counterweight obtain the ideal minimum value, thereby reducing the weight of the vehicle, so as to reduce the manufacturing cost of the vehicle and enhance the market competitiveness. 




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